Regions over Radiobuttons

In this sample we put a REGION over RADIOBUTTONs to get some mouse hover effects.
This example was written by Graham Dawson, UK.
You can download the example here.

The idea was to have some mouse-over effects when the mouse is moving over rediobuttons.
The problem is, that the application generator places the rediobuttons over a region. This is neccessary because the radiobutton needs to be accessible for the mouse-pointer. Otherwise it would not be clickable at all.
The effect now is that the mouse-pointer moves into that region, the hover-effect happens, displaying an image or something like that, but as soon as the pointer gets over the radiobutton, it has left the region, hover ends.
Leaving the radionbutton area will move the mouse-pointer over the surrounding region again, hover-effect happens again!

Not only that the mouse-over effect is NOT dirctly over the desired radiobutton, it also makes the screen flicker!

Grahm Dawson found a simple and easy to implement, yet powerful solution!

He calculates for each region when the mouse is really inside and when it really has left again!

Now it is possible to diplay descriptive images or some textual information for each option of those radiobuttons, more than just a short sentence in the status line. Thanks to Graham for providing this smart example!

Thats mostly all! Add salt and pepper as you like....

You can download the entire APP as ZIP (6 KB).

Sample uploaded: 10. Aug 2010

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