Internetlink in a Clarion-application

Here you find a little demo on putting links for mail and web on a window of a Clarion f. Win application.

The file (appx. 500 KB) contains
The (appx. 13 KB) contains the same but without the .EXE.

The included database has a link to an article at the Clarion Magazin written by the author of the this fine template, John Hickey from

Tip: you can enhance the mailadress with the parameters for the subject and the mailtext like this: is the subjectline&body=Hello dear friend,
my mail was generated semi-automatically&attachment=""'&CLIP(FileToAttach)&'""'
Note: adding Subject and Body works with some mail-programs, like OutlookExpress, but there are a lot others which will not insert these fields automatically because this is not defined in the RFC822. According to Trevor Cocks the adding of an attachment (only one file possible) this way seems to work only with Outlook2003. Better do not count on it....
If you try this parameters don't forget the double-quote at Attachment!

The demo was made with Clarion 5.5 (07. Dec. 2003).

Disclaimer: no warranty, use it as it is, for demo purpose only etc....

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